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Phillippa is a prolific artist, whose work spans printmaking, painting, cake heads, clay and stained glass and which is notable for use of strong colour and movement. Once she discovered the joys of drawing on the computer (back in the 80s) she became interested in marrying new technology with traditional techniques, especially in printmaking. She was one of the first to use the computer in the process of printmaking for both screen prints and etchings and in fact, when she went to Wimbledon Art College to do a printmaking MA in 1988 she was the first student who used the computer that the college had had. Now those methods have become standard.


Her paintings centre on communication between people, often in an urban setting and sometimes inspired by group events whether family or public while her woodcuts explore the language of mark making and are normally abstract.


Phillippa believes that while art is a serious business, it can also be fun. Her cake heads, mainly of politicians illustrate this and it also provides an opportunity for people to interact with the art. After all, they eat it. She has produced her first video which features various exhibitions, centring on the Cake Heads which as well as politicians includes royalty. The cakes are often used in Open Studio or Open House or solo shows to give an unusual ending to a show. Printmaking is her primary activity, though she has also recently done some egg tempera portraits.


She shared an exhibition "MarPhilArt" with Marcella Worthington, whose work is characterised by delicate line drawing and a moody atmosphere at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery. More details about the event can be found on the Exhibitions page. or visit the Southbank Printmakers Website at It ran from April 15th to April 28th 2019.

She also took part in the Open House Event at the Scout Hut in Putney. Details of that exhibition can be seen in Facebook page. This year is a different story. She put up an exhibition in the Catsback an historic pub in Wandsworth which has a history of showing art, jazz, and life drawing sessions. There were 24 framed prints and the intention was to hold a cake head cutting - Jeremy Corbyn - as a kind of joke but sadly that has been postponed. 

When the first lockdown happended, Phillippa decided to do lino cut prints some of which were based on Covid 19 images. She created templates; at least thirty and using them she's printed at least 150 variations as well as doing some of them as editions. They are now showing at the Kram gallery a community showplace for artists at 302 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4EH.  


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